Vision and Goals

The Global Tsunami Model (GTM) Network aims to assess and provide community-based standards, good practices and guidelines for Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard and Risk Analysis (PTHA and PTRA)

The GTM overall vision and goals are to collaboratively achieve a thorough understanding of tsunami hazard and risk, together with the processes that drive them.


To this end, specific goals and actions are:

  • facilitate compatibility and improve probabilistic tsunami hazard and risk analysis methods through the development of standards, guidelines, methods, tools, and identification of key research questions;
  • the development of regional and global reference probabilistic tsunami hazard and risk maps, as well as standardized processes for developing local hazard and risk analyses;
  • establish reference pools of experts for completing and reviewing tsunami hazard and risk assessments from stakeholders;
  • the provision of a consistent input and contribution to multi-hazard risk assessment through high-level harmonization with organizations covering other natural hazards;
  • the interaction with stakeholders to ensure relevance and proper dissemination of results and uncertainty communication to non-scientists;
  • to develop the above products while being mindful of their benefits for society